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Our Technology Partners

Our partnership with HR Technology Advisors (HRT) enables us to diagnose an employer’s current HR and benefit technology capabilities, pinpoint gaps, and recommend technology solutions that improve HR and benefit processes.

Once we understand your business needs, we have access to a long list of preferred vendors, but are not limited to a predetermined technology provider list. Instead, we access a long list of preferred vendors and utilize HRT Advisor Network consultants to identify additional solutions and vendors from a myriad of technology categories.

Why Employers Around the Nation Are Choosing HRT Broker Partners

Utilizing industry experts and a proven process, we help employers solve unique HR and benefit business problems.

  • Employers access best-of-breed technologies, like benefits communications and corporate intranets, online benefits enrollment, web-based HR administration, an HR library of laws, forms, news and policies, total compensation statements, web-based surveys, and a variety of additional technology solutions that employees appreciate and use.
  • Broker Partners represent the broad technology market, offering solutions that fit an employer’s specific business needs. 
  • Broker Partners leverage the knowledge and research capabilities of market experts to analyze client needs, deliver the right solutions, and stay ahead of the technology curve. 
  • Broker Partners share ideas, best practices, and local intelligence with peers around the country to ensure quality, implementation, and price.

About HR Technology Advisors

HRT has assembled an exclusive team of HR & benefits technology advisors. Our partnership with HRT enables us to better serve our clients through unique tools that diagnose your current capabilities, pinpoint gaps, and identify comprehensive HR & benefits delivery wants and needs.

We can represent the broad technology market by leveraging the knowledge and research capabilities of market experts to stay ahead of the technology curve, analyze your specific business needs, and deliver technology solutions that streamline the HR & benefits process.


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